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As an employer, your people depend on you to pay them for their work. Next to profitability, your main concern is making payroll. That means selling your products and services and operating your business in a cost effective manner. But to make payroll, you have a lot of accounting and tax work to do. You also may have to master payroll software to do it as well as keep current with complex tax rules and regulations. This work often consumes many hours of valuable time each week and keeps you from focusing on your core business.

Action Payroll does all this work for you so you can focus on running your

business. We prepare payroll; end of the month tax filings; government reports and forms. We do all the work and deliver the checks to your location.

Many of our new customers called Action Payroll because they were dissatisfied with their current payroll provider’s customer service. They were tired of slow response time; being stuck in an automated phone system; unable to talk with a person about their account; or customer representatives who had no relationship with them or knowledge of their business. Many could not get answers to more complex questions about their payroll and benefits issues. They didn’t want their payroll costs inflated with additional fees every month.

New businesses contract with Action Payroll to set up for efficiency and profitability right from the start of their operations. We make sure our clients are up to date and accurate with complex rules and regulations; paperwork; cutting checks; and timely deposits. Our clients avoid penalties; save time; and are assured of accuracy in reporting.

Doing business with Action Payroll is very easy. Whether you have a new

business, or you are doing payroll in-house, we make outsourcing your payroll painless!


Action Payroll is accurate; maintains the highest level of customer service; and is much less expensive than the payroll industry average. We’ll save you time and money, as well as reduce your risk.

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Action Payroll Services, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Michael J. Maunsell a Certified Public Accountant with the experience and insight to meet the payroll needs of small to mid-size companies. Action Payroll is owned and operated by Michael J. Maunsell and David J. Maunsell. Our highly technical staff consists of Certified Public Accountants and accountants with nearly 30 years of experience.  Our clients range from major corporations, family owned businesses to non-profit organizations.


We were so pleased to learn that Action Payroll offers the same technology and payroll solutions we had with the larger companies but for a lower fee. However, what was most important to us as a small business, was knowing that we didn’t have to dial a 1-800 number and speak with someone who wasn’t familiar with our business or our account. Whenever we need anything, Dave or another associate has been available to us immediately. Their client service is outstanding, and has made us feel like they truly value our business. They made switching seamless and easy, and we would happily recommend Action Payroll to any small business!

Brandon Brewer, Brewer Tree & Landscape, Westbrook, ME

We are really happy to have had such a smooth transition to Action Payroll from the previous payroll company we were using. Communication and follow up has been great! The reports are very easy to access, navigate, and print out. The cost of payroll is significantly lower for all these services, and we appreciate the honesty of where our monies are allocated. I can truly say that overall, the integrity of Action Payroll is A+ when it comes to everything they offer for payroll services!

                Jacqui Gallagher, Ocean View Property Assoc., Inc, Scarborough, ME

We just wanted to take the time to tell you how much we appreciate your service. I am highly pleased with the professional manner in which you have served us in a consistent, dependable, and professional manner. You have definitely gained a new customer who will gladly refer your company to other businesses. Your commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that we are looking forward to doing business with you for years to come.

                                     Gladys Ruiz, Little Children Schoolhouse, Cambridge, MA

I am a small business owner who began using Action Payroll when I hired my first employee. I am pleased with the accurate, timely, thorough professional service we have received and recommend them without reservation.

                                      Cindy, It’s All Good Consignment Store, Brunswick, ME

We out-source our payroll work to Action Payroll because we were dissatisfied with our other provider. When we switched I was concerned that the change would be difficult and time consuming for both my staff and me. We were extremely pleased with how easy Action Payroll made the change for us. It was fast, efficient—and done right the first time. We’re staying with Action payroll because I don’t have to worry about payroll services every week—and we’re very pleased with their service. If you’re not using Action Payroll, you should!

Dr. Frank Day, Sampino Chiropractic Wellness Center, Waterbury, CT

Action Payroll has provided my office with exemplary service.  Their professionalism with a family oriented style has accommodated my needs on every occasion at significant savings.  I highly recommend their service and company.

           Dr. Mark Godfrey, Godfrey Chiropractic & Nutrition Center, Cheshire, CT