Action Payroll Services – CT

We Always Make Payroll!


We always make payroll!

Action Payroll is in business to help your business operate efficiently and profitably.

Competitive advantage: Focus on your core business

If you’re spending time doing payroll each week instead of running your business, you need Action Payroll. We let you focus on doing what you do best, by doing what we do best for you.

Action Payroll supports you with:

  • The highest levels of personalized customer service;
  • Accurate and timely reporting and compliance;
  • Knowledge of your business;
  • Fast response times;
  • Peace of mind that you’re getting things done right and on time.
With Action Payroll you won’t have to worry about payroll issues again!

A vested business partner

Action Payroll has a vested interest in your business—because our business depends on it.

If you’re tired of the large, impersonal national payroll companies—it’s time to call Action Payroll. We’re much less expensive than the payroll industry average because we’re a smaller, personalized business with all the resources we need to service your business. Unlike our larger competitors, we run a lean operation and pass the savings on to you. Our focus is on your company and the issues in the business environment that impact you. We also follow the strictest standards of confidentiality. Your information belongs to you and we respect it.

Action Payroll is a true business partner — we service your business like it’s our own.

We invite you to review our site, download our brochure and call us for a free consultation and quote. We’ll show you how to save money, save time and reduce risk.